Saturday, January 28, 2006

What did the old man want you to be doing?

An interesting discussion on aikidojournal following a quote from an interview with Shimizu Kenji:

"When I was actively practicing there he often came and went. When he showed up everyone immediately sat down. At first, I thought that people were being courteous toward him. However, it wasn't only that. It was also that the practices we were doing were different from what O-Sensei expected us to do. Once he lost his temper at us. No one realized that he had come and he shouted: "What you people are doing is not aikido."

This was in Hombu dojo in 1963, and I wander if there was dojo of which the Founder would have approved.

Maybe the one next to his house in Iwama, were he would actually sit, and observe the lessons conducted by Saito Morihiro?

How does it feel to teach Aikido, while being watched by the Founder himself?

Also, how does it feel to learn Aikido, while being watched by the Founder himself?

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